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Getting a Job in Canada

Even before new immigrants arrive in Canada, their main concern is getting a job. Whilst there are jobs available in Canada, getting the job of one's choice is not very easy unless one is a qualified professional with internationally recognized designations. Unfortunately, when people do not get jobs for which they are qualified and have the experience, they become depressed and take up any job including, but, not limited to telemarketer, taxi driver, security guard, etc. 

Fortunately as part of my services, I am able to assist new comers to get jobs for which they are qualified by helping them tap the hidden job market. What is Tapping the Hidden Job Market?

Hidden Job Market:

When people move from one country, or province, or city to another, the first thing they look for is a home to rent, (or to buy a detached home, semidetached, freehold townhome, condo town home, condominium apartment, etc.). The next thing that they look for is a job.

Further, what happens when you are in-between jobs or are a new arrival in Canada and are asked to show "Canadian experience"?  What about the professionally qualified immigrants who come from other countries where they were holding jobs as doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. and are not successful when they apply for similar jobs in Canada?

The general trend of most job seekers is to respond to job ads in the newspapers or job postings on the Internet. Or sometimes, when friends or relatives inform about vacancies, the job seeker submits his/her résumé and waits for a response from the employer. Very often you hear the term "hidden job market" and how 80% of the jobs out there are not advertised. So, how do you tap the hidden job market and have access to 80% of those jobs?

It has been stated that 80% of available jobs are not advertised. At first, this sounds strange, but, after following my system you will find that this is possible. I have developed a "System" where you can tap the hidden job market and successfully get unadvertised jobs. For more information on Tapping into the Hidden Job Market, please contact me..

Very often people postpone buying a home for fear of loosing their job, and their home goes into foreclosure, or power of sale. However, I am able to assist those people to get back quickly into the job market through the "System" I have developed. If you are interested to attend my workshops, kindly review the flyer at the next section and register for the upcoming sessions.

Good luck on your job hunting and house hunting!!

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