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Genuine Financial Peace of Mind!!
Even before starting the process of buying your first home, you need to ensure your financial peace of mind. What does this have to do with buying or selling a property? Many people get stressed out after they buy their first home or even sell their homes since they were not fully prepared for a whole lot of costs and monthly expenses.

 So, how do you ensure you have financial peace of mind?

Financial Peace of Mind comes after you genuinely know - from a financial standpoint - where you have been (your past), where you are now (your present) and where do you want to go (your future)......financially!

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Realistically, every single adult (working or retired) needs to have a financial tune up carried out regularly in order to have peace of mind and live a healthy live! Not recognizing the difference between needs and wants could lead up to debts which keep on adding up. This can only be corrected by having a financial tune up done.

For example, if you are having credit card debt, car loan, mortgage, travel loan, or any other loan, these outstandings are obviously having a bearing on your peace of mind. Now in addition to these outstandings, your property tax, apartment maintenance, electricity, gas, telephone, cell phone, vehicle maintenance, grocery, food & entertainment, clothing, etc. etc. are additional strain on your income resources.

Now, since your income is almost a constant, your monthly outstandings and expenses could fluctuate from month to month. So, if you do not have a surplus every month, it means that you are loosing money every month.

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When our clients informed us that they wanted to buy a home, but, did not have sufficient down payment, or could not afford to buy a home, we researched the most honest solution that can help them. We are therefore offering that solution to you so that you too can enjoy Financial Peace of Mind and be able to have a surplus every month and then decide to purchase the right home at the right time or make any other purchase without stress.


When did you do your last check up? 

Did you know that as you are reading this, you could be losing thousands of rupees (or dollars or euros, etc.) if you have not done a financial tune up? For more information, please read about Financial Health below. 

Financial Health:

clinicMost doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. trace illnesses, bad relationships, and other negatives to lack of good financial health. Did you know that if you have not done a financial tune up within the past few years, you could be loosing thousands of rupees (or dollars or euros, etc.)
leading to major illness creeping up and taking control of your personal life sooner than later? Let me explain. 
financial management

Whilst financial peace of mind is not the only key to personal success, lack of it is one of the root causes of divorces, despair, stress, anger, illnesses, family problems, etc. In order to continuously enjoy good financial health it is imperative that one monitors their finances - both the income and expenses - to ensure that they are ready if and when they are faced with a calamity or an emergency. There are several ways to monitor one's financial health. The most successful way is to arrange to have a Financial Needs Analysis carreid out by a legitimate person.

Please complete the form in the contact menu and we will get back to you with an appointment when we can have a telephone conversation with you and explain in detail how you can achieve Financial Peace of Mind sooner that you think!   

And remember, this consultation is free and without any obligation!! 

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